Eat Like A Local in Istria: Places You Need To Add To Your Food Itinerary

Eat Like a Local in Istria

If you play it safe during your trips, and you’re not interested in trying out the local cuisine – this article’s not for you.
When we travel somewhere, we like to get the most of the destination. That means eating well, and eating like a local. Fresh ingredients, local recipes, the experience of eating something that’s typical for the region – we dig that. We don’t know about you – but here in Agora we are foodies, so we decided to share these 3 great Istrian places to eat with you:

1. Konoba Volte, Buzet (northern Istria)

A little bit outside Buzet, this is a typical place in Istria to try local food. If you are a fan of local cuisine at Konoba Volte you can have a tasteful meal or dinner. The rustic ambience is fully in line with the local gastronomic offer:


Istrian prosciutto, homemade sausages, cheese with truffles, homemade pasta made in the tavern (fuži, lasagna, gnocchi, pljukanci, ravioli) with various sauces that change depending on the season (asparagus, mushrooms, truffles), pizzas and homemade bread from the baking oven. 

Since northern Istria is famous for truffles – our recommendation is to try pasta or meat with truffles.


The place has excellent hospitality and the prices are as friendly as they get. An absolute must if you’re into something local and off the beaten path.


Konoba Volte
Photo courtesy of Konoba Volte
tomažova konoba
Photo courtesy of Tomažova konova

2. Tomažova Konoba, Vošteni (western Istria)

The lovely village of Vošteni in western Istria with its location and scenic countryside is the opportunity to rest and break away from the busy rhythm of urban lifeThe beautiful, intact, natural paths are an ideal spot for nature lovers and untiring hikers. On the other hand, romantic and peaceful souls will find their break in the heart of the village.

Tomaž tavern was created on the basis of tradition, professional development and accepting contemporary flows of tourist supply and demand.

Familiarized with tradition and hospitality, the family has a farm that offers its guests the pleasure of homemade gastronomy.

From their homemade prosciutto (which is a definite must) to other typical Istrian delicacies, this is your private gastro oasis away from the crowds.

tomažova konoba
Photo courtesy of Tomažova konoba
Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

3. Fabula by Stare Užance, Premantura (southern Istria)

 Fabula by Stare Užance is a restaurant on the very south of the Istrian peninsula. From starters, to main dish, to desert – you can’t allow yourself to miss anything in this restaurant. The thing we love the most is that the menu is made DAILY – so you’re sure what you get on the plate is really fresh, from fish to meat. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere, you get a feeling of coziness and home as soon as you step in. Just imagine eating the best fish plate of your life, followed by a glass of local white wine, and a bit of light jazz music on the side. And you haven’t even gotten to the main dish yet! Agora’s personal recommendation: try something from the fish menu. The prices are a bit higher from the average, but every penny’s worth it!

Author: Annamaria Gržetić
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