Off the Beaten Path – Welcome to Tinjan, municipality of Istrian Pršut


Close to central Istria, yet not far from the seaside, just above Limska Draga, Tinjan has built its town walls. A town boasting rich cultural heritage, a municipality whose pristine green areas are decorated by Istrian drywalls and kažuni. However, we’re going to be completely honest with you here – we love Tinjan mostly because it is the municipality of Istrian pršut (prosciutto).

Foodie alert – don’t read this post on an empty stomach.

To properly begin the story of Tinjan, we’re starting this guide with the place where you can best experience the richness of its history, culture, and everyday life:

ENRIKO DEPIERA COLLECTION – History of Tinjan gathered in one place

Several thousand items that testify to rich culture and history of Tinjan area – that is how we best describe the local collection “Enriko Depiera”, located in the old town core. The founder of the collection, Enriko Depiera, was a lover of history of his region, who selflessly donated the collection to Tinjan municipality back in 2013. Today, the collection is run by an association named after him, with the fundamental goals of preserving, processing and presenting the rich and unpublished material collected by Depiera himself, throughout his whole life.

Depiera has collected and gathered several thousand items related to life and work of the ancient generations of Tinjan inhabitants, concerning history of Tinjan (from 16th century onward), religion, education, economy, culture and folk customs.

Approximately 600 photographs (yes, photographs) in the period from 1860 to 1920 have captured vital details of everyday life in Tinjan, all collected thanks to passion and enthusiasm of Depiera.

You can currently visit this breathtaking collection for free, reservations are made through +385 91 762 1174


After admiring Depiera collection, take a walk through the old town core. The first thing you notice on your way is the 18th century parish church of St. Simon and Jude, an interesting example of late Baroque architecture in Istria. It differs from most of the Istrian belfries thanks to its belfry crown. A narrow stone street will lead you to the exit from the old town core that was once surrounded by town walls. At the very beginning of that street, you will notice remains of town gates with a large double wing above the entrance.


Exiting the area of old town, you are just a few steps away from the, we dare to day, one of the prettiest viewpoints in Istria. “Pod Ladonjon” viewpoint will sweep you of your feet with panoramic views of Limska Draga, the unique valley, longest of its kind in Croatia. They say that the valley of the Pazinčica River used to run past the Lim Bay on the west coast of Istria through Limska Draga. The length of the valley (including Lim Bay) is about 40 km long. Fascinating nature, isn’t it?


Tradition of producing top-quality pršut is passed down from one generation to another in Tinjan. Titled as the municipality of Istrian pršut, Tinjan currently holds several registered pršut producers. Why try pršut exactly in Tinjan? Because registered producers are doing their pršut the old way – the methods of processing are the same from day one their families started with this tradition.

Although Tinjan is the most beautiful place to visit during spring or summer, real foodies should visit in October when traditional ISAP is held. ISAP – International Fair of Pršut. The fair gathers around 30 producers from different Croatian places and some European countries – and in two days, more than 25,000 fans visit Tinjan to try this unique ham delicacy.

Can’t visit in October? Arrange a visit with some of these producers and get your own private degustation tour:

  1. PRŠUTANA ANTOLOVIĆ – Bašići 28b, 52444 Tinjan,
  2. PRŠUTANA DUJMOVIĆ, Kučići 109, 52440 Kringa, Tinjan,
  3. PRŠUTI MILOHANIĆ  Milohanići 15/E, 52444, Tinjan,


End your day with a warm Istrian dish – in Danijeli tavern. No explanation needed, just enjoy traditional cuisine of central Istria in a rustically decorated tavern, while impressions of Tinjan sink in and leave you with the greatest memories of this magical Istrian town.

Istarske delicije ???

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Photo courtesy of: Central Istria Tourist Board, Enriko Depiera Association
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